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Tuesday, October 28, 2008



My first day on the space station was something out of this world. It was the first time Malaysians landed on the multi million-dollar station. With me was Zul, an expert in space engineering. As I piloted us into the station, our hearts began to overwhelm with wonder. The sight of Mars added to the ecstasy.
Excitedly, we eased out of the shuttle and were spellbound with the sight before us. Several robots wheeled freely, scientists were busy experimenting while rows of high-tech gadget blinked simultaneously. It was exactly like a scene from the Star Wars movie. During the walk, a miniature laser gun caught my attention.
‘ CAUTION! HANDLE WITH CARE. SMALL YET DEADLY’ was written on the display section. The word ‘deadly’ lingered in my mind when suddenly the station jolted.
“Attention to all!!! We’ve been attacked,” a loud voice boomed off the wall.
In a split second, the crew panic. The peacefulness was quickly broken. The stressed-out scientists bumped into another, a child wailed for her mother and a turned-turtle robot was stomped by the hundreds of feet. The air was full of brutality. We quickly muscled our way through but only to face the worst.
Outside, the atmosphere was filled with deadly coloured rays. Then, one of them beamed inches away from my shoulder, straight at Zul. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into thin air. A millisecond later, I felt coldness gradually grasped my chest. The world began to darken.
“Argh!” a piercing voice shot into my ears. Slowly, light shone into my eyes as I regained consciousness. Looking around, I was imprisoned by an ugly frog shaped alien. Then, I spotted Zul, trapped inside a gigantic glass structure with tubes all over him.
“Zul! It’s me. Don’t you recognize?”
Suddenly, he shivered and screamed. His face melted and unfolded into something inhuman. Furs began to shoot out unevenly on his scaly skin. His legs slowly mutated into slimy, oversized flippers. He was metamorphosing into an animal!
Shocked, I pinched my arm to justify the reality. “ I must escape but how? Aha!” I took out the mini-sized laser gun and beamed its deadly ray, slicing the door open like butter. After that, I tiptoed to the sentry before knocking it out with powerful silat blows. Suddenly, the alarm rang. Not far away, several sentries were hopping frantically towards me.
“Let’s see how deadly you are”
I beamed the gun and within seconds they all froze. I looked at the gun with wonder. Then, I braved my way through the roasted frogs and several other prisons full of mutated creatures. As if luck was on my side, a large MZ51 space shuttle froze just meters away from me. Quickly, I dashed inside. Several aliens who where chasing me began to open fire. But, it was too late. In a split second, I rocketed away from the alien’s mother ship. My destination ; Earth.

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